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in blood. her -- holding a knife covered in blood. her 59-year-old mother was found dead inside her home. the daughter was arrested. the suspect in a peninsula cold case murder is scheduled to enter a plea in court today. daniel garcia was arrested last month and charged with the killing of 21-year-old saba girmai. her body was found in a dumpster in mountain view in january 1985. back in 2010, dna from another crime linked garcia to the crime. a vigil is planned friday in fairfield for a young murder victim. 13-year-old janelle allen was found dead in a park on friday morning. her foster parents reported her missing thursday night after she didn't come home from school. friends remembered janelle as a girl who kept smiling despite having a tough life. >> she always had a smile on her face and she had to keep it real. >> we had a dance contest, and
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there was 20 people. janelle won hands down. she had a lot of spirit. >> there are no suspects in the murder. fairfield police may provide more information later today. a five-year-old alabama boy is back with his family after being held hostage in an underground bunker for a week. the boy identified only as ethan was kidnapped from a school bus in midland city last week by a man who shot and killed the bus driver on board. the fbi spent days negotiating with the kidnapper. 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes. they stormed the bunker yesterday in the afternoon after dykes became agitated and they feared ethan may be in imminent danger. >> it's a relief for us to be able to reunite a mother with her child. >> neighbors say they heard a bang and some gunshots but authorities are releasing few
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details about the rescue. dykes was killed during the raid. an irany war veteran accused of murder is on suicide watch in a texas jail. jail officials say eddie ray routh had to be shocked with a stun gun and restrained after he became aggressive. former seal chris kyle was known as one of america's most deadly snipers. a bipartisan gun control bill will be introduced on capitol hill today. that legislation would make firearms trafficking a federal offense but does not address the president's requested assault weapons ban. mr. obama was in minnesota yesterday promoting what he calls commonsense reforms to the nation's gun laws. he says he is encouraged that congress seems to be coming to an consensus on background checks for gun buyers and limits for high capacity gun clips. 5:04. let's check traffic and weather. is it too early to start talking about the weekend? >> what day are we on now, tuesday? [ laughter ] >> maybe a little bit. >> let's do it.
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>> we have a long way to go between now and then. we could see showers and snow in the local mountains. haven't been able to talk about that for a while but we have some changes coming up today. low clouds and fog have stretched back onshore well into the valleys. that blanket of clouds is keeping the temperatures up just a bit. mainly in the 40s outside. as we head throughout the day today there's a cold front approaching the bay area meaning more low clouds and fog at the coast and only partial clearing toward the afternoon. temperatures will be cool. highs usually in the 50s and 60s, cooler than normal this afternoon at 54 degrees in san francisco, 57 in san jose, 56 livermore. even colder temperatures on the way and maybe rain, too. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with gianna. >> chp arriving on scene in benicia, an accident with a truck and box truck. so south 680 at industrial way mostly affecting the off-ramp the main lines of 680 unaffected.
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looks like no injuries reported in the accident. hopefully should be clear in the next few minutes. not affecting your drive on 680 but if you exit industrial you might see some delays. golden gate bridge this morning they are in the process of picking up the cones there from some roadwork so you're going to see some slight delays approaching the span but overall traffic clear into san francisco. no major snags to report. construction wrapped up on 101 near bayshore and third. 101 through the south bay, we have our photographer standing by at mckee and so far traffic is light into san jose. back to you. some discouraging news as you get ready for your morning commute on this tuesday. we have some of the worst traffic jams in the country here in the bay area. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the bay bridge with the cost of the congested commute. not a big surprise, cate. >> reporter: no, not really, frank. and good morning to you. now, this report found that
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we're sitting in more traffic and drivers are actually blocking out time for these extra delays. on average, americans budgeted an hour of drive time for a trip that takes 20 minutes without traffic. the texas a & m traffic institute report was just released a few hours ago. financially, it found americans wasted $121 billion in time and gas and that translates to about $818 per commuter. how does the bay area stack up in all of this? well, we're not the worst. the institute found that washington, d.c. topped the worst commute list but we're not far behind. san francisco, oakland tied for second with los angeles. next was new york city, and then boston. researchers also found as we sit on the roads longer, our carbon dioxide emissions are also getting worse. in the past few years, 56 billion pounds more of co2 was released into our atmosphere. the study's author says this report calls for more transportation improvements or
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in the case of the area hopefully more people investing in the clipper cards. live from the bay bridge toll plaza, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. this is the final day for the san francisco 49ers before the off season officially begins. at 9 a.m., the players and coaches have a team meeting in santa clara and some will meet with the media before heading home. hundreds of fans welcomed the team back to the bay area yesterday following sunday's loss in the super bowl. >> they left everything they had out there on the field. they played for 60 minutes and did their best. >> never over. 365 9ers faithful. we live and breathe 49ers. >> next year. >> that's right. we can tell. head coach jim harbaugh stopped to sign some autographs. quarterback colin kaepernick waved as drove by but he didn't speak with the fans. it could take some days to figure out why the lights went out at the super bowl. there was a memo last october
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that there was a chance of failure because of decay on part of the electrical system at the superdome. officials say the game was never actually in jeopardy because of a backup system. one thing they know it wasn't beyonce's concert that caused it. she had her own separate generator but fans suspected that when it happened. >> there was a lot of talk about that. >> there was. >> i think she held up some symbol or something? did you hear about this? >> i think i was grabbing a beverage when she was on. >> it was like a sign that she had something to do with the lights being out. >> hope it doesn't happen again. they will figure it out eventually. the pop wars are back. will local cities be able to ban medical marijuana dispense police? >> how watching too much tv could hurt a man's chances of becoming a father. >> what was a 6-year-old girl doing behind the wheel of a stolen car? >> and what is cool about your school? you can always submit your nomination on our website, and we may come and feature
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your school right here on our show.
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took her mom's car from a you might expect it from a teenager but a 6-year-old girl? police say she took her mom's car for a spin. mom was asleep. the girl apparently wanted to see her dad so she drove off.
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after about a mile, she hit several parked cars, backed into a neighbor's yard, and hit a pole and as you can see it was snowing, too. nobody was injured. no charges have been filed. she has 10 years and then drivers training. >> six years old. impressive. >> not if you're the parent. [ laughter ] let's go to the bay bridge right now. so far traffic is moving nicely as you work your way at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays to report. metering lights remain off. jumping over to 580/680 in pleasanton. we have some extra volume as you work your way westbound. not seeing major problems through the altamont pass. traffic quiet seeing the usual stuff as you work your way westbound. to the maps, yellow on our sensors. so just out of tracy through livermore valley slight brake lights but that's typical this time of the morning. elsewhere word of everything on
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time for bart. no delays for muni. ace train number one is on time this morning. but there may be some electrical issues for caltrain this morning in san francisco that could cause some delays. just getting that information in. we'll continue to keep you update on that but right now, no further details so electrical issues are possible for caltrain in san francisco that may cause some delays but the rest of mass transit is looking good. elsewhere as you work your way along the east bay, northbound 880 so far, so good. 238 to the maze, 16 minutes. eastshore freeway commute looks good westbound from the carquinez bridge toward the maze an easy 19-minute drive through this this morning. golden gate bridge, so far traffic is moving okay. we are seeing some slightly slower speeds. 18 minutes now from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. that's because we have roadwork there on the southbound side of one so that may slow you down a bit. they did the lane changes about 15 minutes ago so traffic northbound into marin looks good. and no major snags to report
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along 101 through san jose. traffic is clear. also guadalupe parkway looks good, as well. now, near 280 and 880 interchange, there is some road construction there for the stevens creek project. you might see some closures there until 7:00 for on- and off-ramps and possibly the connector, as well. so just a heads up as you head out. the rest of the south bay problem-free. a live look at conditions west 237 connector between 880 and 101, so far an size ride -- an easy ride, six minutes between 880 and 101 in milpitas. we have plenty of clouds onshore overnight well into the valleys. grab a jacket. temperatures likely to stay cool today. numbers now warmer than yesterday at this time. that's because of that blanket of clouds into the 40s. by the afternoon, we have highs running in the 50s and low 60s a little breezy though as you approach the coastline. got a cold front sliding in toward the bay area and here it is. you see most of the energy headed over the top of this
5:14 am
ridge means it's going to stay north of the bay area for the most part except for a few high clouds and it's going to help to reinforce the low clouds and fog and keep us pretty gray especially toward the beaches. so more clouds and cool and going to be staying dry for now. but that's going to change of you have this system off the coastline that will be dropping into the bay area on thursday and friday. i think that's our best chance of getting some showers here in the bay area this week. all right. we have some low clouds stretching onshore this morning. computer models trying to break that up a bit. but you see cloud even toward the middle of the day and in the afternoon we'll see some cloud continuing outside so the cool temperatures going to continue, as well. we'll keep those highs generally cool coastside only about 54 degrees in monterey. rain in toward eureka. 60s in the central valley sunshine there, and 40s and 50s in the high country. around the bay 57 degrees. cooler than normal san jose. 54 san francisco. next couple of days we are going to keep things dry but on thursday and friday that system drops into the bay area bringing with it a chance of
5:15 am
some cold showers maybe even some low snow levels. good news, the weekend looks pretty good. >> wow. >> warmer weather, sunny and dry. but thursday and friday, yeah, we have a shot at a couple of raindrops. wouldn't that be nice? >> and then sun balls return for friday and saturday. >> i like that term. >> i used that term the other day. >> sun balls are good. >> must be a northeast thing. >> good thin. >> you but i -- but i grew up here. the california company that owns a bus in a fatal crash has a spotty safety inspection record. the bus crashed 60 miles east of los angeles in the mountains on sunday night. 7 people were killed, 5 in critical condition. the bus company has failed 36% of federal vehicle safety inspections in the past two years. passengers say minutes before sunday's accident, the driver shouted, the brakes had failed. u.s. embassies overseas may soon get a security boost of more than $1 billion.
5:16 am
it's in response to last year's deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the money would come from surplus funds no longer needed in iraq. the senate has approved the plan which next goes to a vote in the house. meanwhile outgoing defense secretary leon panetta is scheduled to testify on capitol hill on thursday on the u.s. response to that attack in libya. president obama has signed an extension for the federal government's ability to borrow new money. the measure will suspend the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling until the middle of may. the bill also requires members of the house and senate to pass a budget by mid-april or risk having their own pay withheld. the dow's bounce above 14,000 didn't last long. worry about europe dragged the market down yesterday, the biggest losses of the year. the dow was down 129. the nasdaq lost 48. in the previous session, the dow had hit its highest level in years.
5:17 am
the u.s. government plans to file a civil lawsuit against the ratings agency standard & poor's. the suit accuses the firm of giving high ratings to risky mortgage bond and led to the 2008 financial crisis. s&p says the suit is without merit. medical marijuana has been legal in california since 1996. but now some cities are banning the dispensaries. a ruling will soon determine how far state law can go to protect their right to do business. the state supreme court will hear arguments today on whether local governments can ban them. right now about 200 cities and counties ban medical marijuana dispensaries, three dozen right here in the bay area. a warning to men who take supplements. a new study in the journal of the american medical association finds men who take vitamin c are twice as likely to develop kidney stones. a second study finds calcium supplements increase the risk
5:18 am
of heart disease in men. researchers in both studies say better to eat foods rich in vitamin c and calcium and skip supplements. watching television may hurt a man's chance of having a child. a new study from the university of rochester shows young men who watch 20 hours of tv a week had a lower sperm count. researchers tracked men between 18 and 22 for two years. they say men can improve their sperm counts significantly if they exercise at least 15 hours a week. so get out there. 5:19. coming up, can the sharks win in southern california? >> plus, what caused this local golfer to bust a move in phoenix?
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low clouds and fog sweeping onshore overnight. temperatures not as cold in the 40s right now but it's going to be a cool day. we'll have details coming up. >> and we're getting word of caltrain delays. we'll have details. there is a big hockey game in downtown san jose tonight. the sharks and chicago blackhawks currently the top two teams in the nhl but the sharks need to break out of a funk. in anaheim last night the ducks got the go-ahead goal past the
5:22 am
san jose goalie. the second straight loss after winning the first 7. they will play chicago tonight. in oklahoma city a little nba for our play of the day. russell westbrook is going to find kevin durant with a no look beautiful bounce pass to kevin martin, you know what he is going to do with it, he dunks. thunder beat the mavs by 21. our play of the day. >> it appears gangnam style is still popular among professional golfers. james hahn stole the show by busting it out -- is that part of it? i'm not sure. >> no. >> this is after he sunk a birdie putt on the phoenix open. >> he is a rookie 31 and will be at the at&t later this week. he had to practice it. >> i like that. good hip moves. >> he has done this before.
5:23 am
>> he has. he practiced it front of a mirror several times. look at him go. >> you're heading down to at&t later this week, right? >> to watch a little golf. >> amazing. it is 5:24. bay area traffic now as bad as l.a.? how much time drivers are wasting stuck behind the wheel. >> and a dramatic ending to a week-long standoff. how the fbi was finally able to rescue a 5-year-old boy from alabama. >> and i'm live in pittsburg this morning where police are searching for a driver who struck a family of four as they were in a crosswalk.
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happy relieved and halleluia. >> a week-long hostage standoff in alabama is over. a 5-year-old boy is home safe. >> very special child been through a lot. >> mystery surrounds a murder of a 13-year-old girl in northern california. >> we don't feel like she is a piece of garbage and she wasn't. she was a human being. >> president obama is pushing congress to act on his gun control proposals. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> i pleaded with her urgently and said please wait, please wait, this isn't right. >> volunteers in a bay area animal shelter say dogs are unfairly being sent to their deaths. >> wonders what's the rush? why not give these dogs a chance? >> fans give the 49ers a homecoming fit for champions. >> they were happy to stand around for seven hours to get a glimpse of the team. >> we'll get it next time. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning.
5:28 am
>> good morning. it is tuesday, february 5. i'm elizabeth wenger. michelle is off. >> i'm frank mallicoat. a mother and child are victims of a hit-and-run drive in pittsburg in an intersection. they are all in the hospital. kpix reporter elissa harrington has more on the search for the driver who hit them. >> reporter: a sad story in the east bay. the family had been on an evening bike ride when they were hit. they were in the crosswalk. one child was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland. police say a mother and her children were in the crosswalk when a driver plowed into them. the mother was pushing a stroller and her two children were riding the brand-new bicycle. this happened in a crosswalk that connects the delta de anza
5:29 am
trail. it runs for about 15 miles and leads to several parks. they believe they found the suspect vehicle. this crash happened last night at 6:00. it was dark and there are no streetlights in the area. police are searching for the driving. elissa harrington, kpix 5. a woman is accused of killing her mother. police say the woman showed up at a neighbor's home yesterday morning holding a knife covered in blood. her mother, 59-year-old nancy franzen, was found dead inside her home. her daughter julie was arrested. district attorney of oakland could bring charges in
5:30 am
a shooting on telegraph avenue. police arrested a man on saturday but won't release details until charges are filed. city leaders will have meetings about keeping the event safety. 13-year-old janelle allen was found in allan witt park friday morning. she was reported missing thursday night after she didn't come home from school. there are no suspects. they can't get away with what they done. you take a baby and dump her like she is a piece of garbage. she wasn't. she was a human being. fairfield police are not saying much about the case. but they may have some more information later today. >> counselors are available for the green valley middle school. >> a week-long standoff in alabama finally over with the five-year-old hostage rescued. and the suspect dead. the boy identified only as ethan was killed napped from a school bus last week by a man
5:31 am
who shot and killed the bus driver. ever since ethan and the kidnapper had been in a small underground bunker in the city until the boy was rescued yesterday afternoon. >> by the grace of god. that was the mission of everyone on the compound. >> the fbi says agents stormed the bunker after the suspect became more agitated. dykes was killed during the raid. a former assistant director of the fbi said they used flash- bang devices before the raid. there is an online petition in the brentwood unified school district calling for the removal of superintendent merrill grant. the issue is the way the district responded after a teacher was convicted of child abuse involving a five-year-old autistic child. 5:33. let's get you out the door a
5:32 am
little traffic and weather and something is going to happen this week that hasn't happened in a long time. >> i'm excited about it. we are able to get the doppler out again and check the raindrops and maybe snow on our local mountains. could be changes coming our way. plenty of low clouds onshore. no rainfall today. but temperatures are going to be cooler not as cool though this morning. that's because of that cloud cover outside live right now you have some cloudy skies across the city of san francisco. the temperatures generally holding in the 40s outside because of that blanket of clouds that continues to extend well onshore. i think as we head throughout the day you have a cold front that's approaching the bay area but most of that energy is going to roll over the top of the ridge. we are left with dry conditions here. but a lot of clouds continuing to stream across our skies. temperatures today cooler than average, 57 degrees expected in san jose today. about 57 also in morgan hill and santa clara. antioch maybe 60 degrees if we're lucky. concord looking maybe some hazy sunshine toward the afternoon and 57 degrees in san francisco. a lot of clouds only about 54
5:33 am
degrees and about 57 degrees in oakland. more on the possibility of rain in a few minutes. right now let's check the roads with gianna. >> lawrence, we are going to check in with mass transit right now. we are just spoke with officials at caltrain and there are delays possible for caltrain this morning. they are having some signalling issues on their system in and out of san francisco. so trains are on time as of right now. but that could change depending on how long it takes for this to get back on track. so we'll continue to keep you updated. right now the rest of mass transit bart looks good no delays for muni and ace train number one left on time out of tracy. elsewhere, also we are starting to see a few brake lights westbound into the livermore valley 17 minutes towards 680 on the westbound side of 580. also westbound 4 through antioch lots of brake lights. better through pittsburg no delays towards the eastshore freeway and so far, so good along 237 through milpitas. no delays here. and if you are along the 101 in the south bay we have a live look at conditions near mckee and so far traffic looks good
5:34 am
in both directions. no delays through san jose. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you. 5:35 now. new this morning, a study finds commutes in the bay area are about as bad as they can get. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is over at the bay bridge now with the time we spend inside our cars stuck in traffic. cate, good. >> reporter: good morning, frank. well, it's not encouraging news. that report from the texas a & m traffic institute was released a few hours ago. it found that the average american wastes about $818 by sitting in traffic in 2011. if you were to add it up collectively the report found in 2011 commuters wasted in total $121 billion in time and gas. the report also says commuters are now building in extra time in our schedules for these delays. on average, americans gave themselves an hour for a 20- minute drive without traffic. here's the question, though. where is the worst commute in
5:35 am
the country? the study listed washington, d.c. as the top city, then the bay area and l.a. tied for second. new york city was fourth and then boston was fifth. the city also found with more hours sitting in traffic came more carbon dioxide emissions in 2011, there was 56 billion pounds of additional co2 released into the atmosphere. the study's authors say all of these findings call upon more improvements to be made for transportation. reporting live from the bay bridge toll plaza, cate caugiran, kpix 5. and some other bay area headlines now. the san jose city council today will hold its annual review of card room gambling and whether it affects crime in the city. also, some councilmembers are expected to introduce a resolution that would have the city officially support marriage equality. the fight over a new 7- eleven store in san mateo moves to a courtroom. the property owner filed the petition friday to overturn the city council's decision to shut down the convenience store. this comes one day after the
5:36 am
city filed its own suit to have that store closed. the san francisco 49ers, they are back on their home turf. >> that lonely flight back. and now they are getting ready for some time off. they need a break of course. hundreds of fans welcomed the team home from new orleans yesterday following sunday's loss at the super bowl. some of them waited for seven hours to watch the players and coaches drive home from team headquarters. some of them were lucky enough to get some autographs. there is jim harbaugh. the loudest cheers went to the head coach, mr. harbaugh. >> thank you very much. it was a great run. thank you for all the support. >> help make you feel better after what happened yesterday to see all the fans? >> oh, yeah. i mean, yesterday was yesterday. you know? >> sorry that we didn't bring home the number 6. >> they're still champions. >> we'll get it next time. >> there is a team meeting at 9 a.m. and they will meet with reporters before the off season officially begins. it could take days to figure out why the lights went
5:37 am
out at the super bowl. there was a memo last october that there was a chance of failure because of a decay on part of the electrical system at the superdome. officials say the game was never in jeopardy because of a backup system though. one thing they do know, it was not beyonce's concert that caused it. she had her own generator. so you can't blame her. >> no. that was the big his cake, ished for another cake"
5:38 am
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jill schlesinger of cbs
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jill schlesinger of cbs moneywatch dot- com. thanks. time is 5-- here's meteorologist lawrence with a check of weather.
5:44 am
5:45 am
volunteers at a north bay animal shelter say dogs are being sent to their deaths prematurely.
5:46 am
in one case an 18 month old stafford terrier ate a tennis ball. he was euthanized eight days later. a volunteer says medical records show the dog didn't get proper medical care before being put down.
5:47 am
"eli should have gotten veterinary care immediately when he swallowed that tennis ball. volunteers say they'd already lined up foster and rescue care they'd already lined up foster and rescue care for dogs who were put down.. and they say after they questioned the euthanizations... the shelter told them not to come back. shelter directors tell k-p- i-x 5 .. dogs are euthanized on an individual basis, based on health and behavior. a federal judge told the people who run the oyster farm at point reyes they will, indeed, have to close. the judge refused a request by drakes bay oyster company to overturn another judge's ruling. the company has until march 15th to close down the business and remove all equipment. the company's 40-year permit to harvest oysters expired last november. the company was hoping for a 10-year extension. but the feds -- citing environmental concerns -- said no. time is 5: a super bowl consolation prize. the free snack for 49er fans today. banishing kids to the back. one
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grab a jacket maybe sweater out the door today. a little cool this morning and a little cool and breezy this afternoon. highs only in the 50s and 60s. more on your weather coming up. >> live on 101 near mckee extra
5:51 am
volume as you work your way on the northbound side of 101 through san jose. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. thank you. it is 5:52 now. the town in pakistan where bin laden been was killed in a u.s. raid believe it or not may soon be home to an amusement park. the actual compound where bin laden was hiding was demolished. the amusement park would include a zoo, water sports and miniature golf. long-term plans would expand the park to three times the size of disneyland. a movie director in connecticut is scouting locations for a film with ties to the newtown, connecticut school shootings. jonathan bukhari told a local tv station the project is not about the massacre but instead about a boy with mental illness who fears his own parents after the shooting. bukhari says the film will be shot in the city of richfield because of its resemblance to newtown, connecticut.
5:52 am
boeing wants to allow the faa to allow test flights of the 787 dreamliner. even as investigators try to uncover the source of the aircraft's battery problems. a federal probe into electrical fires has grounded all 50 boeing 787 dream liners around the world. the focus so far is on lithium ion batteries manufactured in japan. this morning, boeing says that it's still waiting for a reply about the test flights. well, if it bothers you to sit close to children on an airplane, there is actually a new service for you. air asia x is creating what it calls quiet zones on some of its flights. it won't let children under 12 sit in the first 7 rows. adults can pay as much as $36 to sit in those seats and malaysia airlines is offering a similar service on some flights. sounds like a good idea. >> if you want to pay up, what the heck. >> i love children but i'm always the person -- >> i'd like you meet my three
5:53 am
kids, hope you don't mind, this is marissa, larry, bob, all under 3 and they haven't slept in a week. [ laughter ] >> welcome aboard. all right. a sweet treat for 49ers fans still upset about the heartbreaking loss in the super bowl. >> yeah. they can enjoy a little pick me up today. a free cup of chocolate pudding. jell-o will be making five dropoffs throughout san francisco. it's a consolation prize for a job well done. the first drop-off will be at 7 a.m. this morning, lasts until 9 a.m. if you happen to be near broadway and columbus, hall of famer 49er the great one ronnie lott will be there to say hi, as well. a little pudding and autograph. >> and just for fun, it is national pancake day. that means free pancakes. free short stacks at ihop from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. they will be asking for donations for charities. if you are hungry, want a short stack, ihop. is there an ihop around here.
5:54 am
there is on lombard in san francisco. >> well, okay. check it out. in the next half hour, the 9ers back on home turf. their first order of business after a rousing welcome from fans. >> plus, move over l.a. the bay area has one of the worst commutes in the country. how many hours drivers spend sitting in traffic. >> i'm in pittsburg this morning where a mother and her children were hit by a car while in a crosswalk. more on how that happened.
5:55 am
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a mother and young children hit by a car on an east bay street. the search for the hit-and-run driver. >> a new report shows that bay area traffic is as bad as l.a. drivers, how much is your
5:58 am
commute costing you? i'll have details next. we have mass transit issues this morning plus details on the bay bridge commute. >> low clouds and fog sweeping onshore overnight. we could see some rain coming up too. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> and good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, february 5. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm elizabeth wenger. michelle is resting up. she has this morning off. time now is 5:59. our big story several members of the same family are hospitalized after hit-and-run in pittsburg. >> last night a woman and her children were crossing a street last night when they were run over by a car. kpix reporter elissa harrington is in pittsburg now with the latest. >> reporter: there are no streetlights near the crosswalk where the family was crossing and hit. we are on crestview in pittsburg about a block up from leeland road. all four family members are being treated at the hospital. one child was airlifted to
5:59 am
children's hospital oakland. police say around 6:00 last night a hit-and-run driver struck a woman and her children in the crosswalk that connects the delta de anza trail. the mother was pushing a stroller and the children were on their brand-new bicycles. police are still searching for the driver and it's unclear how fast that car was going. we also don't know if the kids were wearing helmets or had any lights on their bikes. we are supposed to get an update from police this morning. they have identified what's believed to be the suspect vehicle but so far no arrests. in pittsburg, elissa harrington, kpix 5. thank you. a grisly crime in sebastopol. a neighbor was found covered in blood holding a knife on her porch. the neighbor said the woman said she killed her mother. 59-year-old nancy franzen was found in a bloody crime scene in her bedroom. the daughter julie is in jail. in about three hours the

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